Shared House

Rooms in Shared Apartments

If you enjoy company and are open to getting to know the new and exciting people with whom you will share your vacation, you will simply love this type of accommodation.

Living with fellow students actually makes vacations more dynamic. You will be inspired to put to use the knowledge that you acquire daily during the Italian course.

Shared apartments are generally composed of two or three bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, and a balcony or terrace. Accommodations usually have views of the sea and are never more than one kilometer from the school or from the location where you have your course.


In Aspra, accommodations are either near the sea or set in the scenic countryside. Given the special nature of this little rustic village, you should prepare to have an authentic Sicilian experience! Those who do not feel like cooking during the vacation can enjoy a full menu daily at the home of the proprietors (Maria Carnevale is a first-rate chef!). You will find an inviting table with fresh vegetables, pastas, delicious fresh juice, and more to enjoy on a wide-open and beautiful terrace. Your appetite will be the tested, indeed! In Santa Flavia we offer a single room in our language school. Kitchen, bathroom, living room and terrace are spaces, which you share with. max. one other student. WiFi is included.

In Cefalu', shared apartment accommodation is at our Villa Caterina. The Villa has a large garden with splendid views of the sea, private spaces where one can recuperate and relax, and facilities where you can enjoy outdoor dinners or barbecues in the evenings. Rooms are simple but tastefully decorated. Nearly all the rooms have air conditioning (an added charge if used) and each apartment has a washing machine. The distance from the school is only about 900 meters. WiFi is included.


Those who for special reasons do not want to share accommodation can, of course, book a separate apartment.

The price for a 1-week single room in a shared apartment at Villa Caterina is € 220.00 (€ 260.00 during high season - 23.06. - 8.09.).

The price for 1 week in a double room in shared apartment at Villa Caterina (if booked in pairs) is € 160.00 per person (€ 200.00 during high season - 23.06. - 8.09.).


Please remember: accommodation in shared apartments is reserved for our Italian-language students.

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