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If you are on this page you might be interested in the Italian language: how to learn Italian, how to master Italian grammar, how to find a good Italian school, and so on. And as a foreigner you might even be asking yourself:

“Do the people in Sicily really speak Italian?”

The answer is: “Of course, YES!”

Our school Solemar Academy has a 30 years long experience in teaching the Italian language – in fact, we have one of the oldest Italian language schools in Sicily. Our teachers are uniquely skilled at providing the best path for students toward fast learning and long-term retention. Our teachers are highly qualified and are in possession of diplomas and certificates like the DILS-PG, the CEDILS and Ditals awarded by universities in Perugia, Venice and Siena.

The school has been accepted in July 2018 by the prestigious Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language ASILS and by EDUITALIA.

STANDARD These Italian courses are ideal for groups of all needs and skill levels. Great for beginners as well as advanced students seeking to refresh their knowledge. (If the group does not have a minimum of 4 students, lecture time per day will be reduced) 20 / Week 1 Week: € 180,-

2 Weeks: € 340,-

3 Weeks: € 490,-

4 Weeks: € 635,-
COMBINED The “combi” Italian course - or "combined" course - is the standard course with additional private instruction. The added time enables students to explore other areas of study such as lexical, grammatical, and cultural aspects of the Italian language 25 / Week 1 Week: € 330,-

2 Weeks: € 640,-

3 Weeks: € 940,-

4 Weeks: €1235,-
CORSO INTENSIVO This course consists in a standard course plus two daily group lessons. It highlights political, historical, and cultural aspects of the Italian language as well. It is also suitable for those on educational leave* 30 / Week 1 Week: € 350,-

2 Weeks: € 690,-

3 Weeks: € 990,-

4 Weeks: €1290,-
LEARNING WHILE WORKING 4 weeks of the combined course plus 4 weeks of internship. 25 / Week 8 Weeks: € 1400,-
ITALIAN AND VOLUNTEERING 2 weeks of the combined course plus 2 weeks of volunteering in a WWF Center 25 / Week 4 Weeks: € 790,-
CLUB 50+ This course combines a standard course and some leisure activities and is designed for students of the "50+ generation"

09.03.19 – 16.03.19
27.04.19 – 04.05.19
20 / Week € 400,-
CLUB NATURA+ Perfect for nature lovers, this course consists in a standard course and some excursion in the beautiful Madonie Natural Park

Period: 12.10.19 – 20.10.19
20 / Week € 500,-
SKYPE-KURS Skype lessons with your favourite Solemar teacher 10 Lessons 10 Lessons:

€ 250,-
E-LEARNING COURSE-KURS 4 multimedial sending of texts and exercises and 1 lesson on Skype 4 Weeks
€ 120,-
ONE TO ONE Individual Italian lessons: one teacher for one student. The best Italian language course for intensive study by choice 1 Lesson € 33,-

10 Lessons € 300,-
ONE TO TWO Individual Italian lessons: one teacher for two students by choice 1 Lesson € 22,-

10 Lessons ​€ 200,-
CORSO DI PREPARAZIONE CELI "ONE TO ONE" This course is designed for those who need to prepare the CELI Exams. It consists in 10 individual lessons per week (min. 2 weeks) 10 / Week 2 Weeks € 700,-

3 Weeks € 1000,-

4 Weeks €1300,-

5 Weeks € 1600,-

6 Weeks € 1900,-
CORSO DI PREPARAZIONE CELI "COMBINATO" This course is designed for those who need to prepare the CELI Exams. It consists in a standard course and 10 individual lessons per week (min. 2 weeks) 30 / Week 2 Weeks € 940,-

3 Weeks € 1390,-

4 Weeks €1835,-

5 Weeks € 2275,-

6 Weeks € 2715,-
CORSI DI ITALIANO E CULTURA Students who books a standard course can add one of this additional group lessons (1 units per day from Tuesday to Friday min. level A2)

- Attualità Italiana
- Mafia e Antimafia
- Musica e Cantautori
- Cinema Italiano
- Racconti d'Italia
4 / Week € 75,-

Students receive our placement test via e-mail one week before their arrival. Every Monday morning we welcome the new students at 8,30 with coffee and cookies. After registration, students have a short conversation with the teachers to better assess the division of classes. All classes are organised by level of skill in the Italian language.

At Solemar Academy we adhere to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) which is divided into six levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). This standard is used for the division into groups as well as for the issuance of the certificates. Our teaching method is based primarily on the communicative approach.

Frequently asked questions:

  • When the school is open? The school is open all year long. In January and February we only offer individual classes.
  • On which holidays the school is closed? 1.01, 6.01, Easter Monday, 1.05, 15.08, 24.12, 25.12, 31.12
  • When the next course initiated? Each week on Monday we have new students arriving and new groups are formed. The group courses are available from March to December.
  • When are the lessons conducted? Lessons are on-going from Monday to Friday (in some exceptional cases it is also possible to have lessons in the afternoon).
  • How long is the typical lesson? 45 min
  • What does the language fee includes? Educational Material (used during the course)
  • Enrollment fee is € 50,- for universities and lyceums it is discounted: €25,-



The fee covers the following services:

✔︎ Initial Test
✔︎ Certificate of completion
✔︎ Wi-fi internet access at the school (only at our Italian Language School in Cefalu)
✔︎ Welcome drink and The Kit: information booklets, Solemar Card, bag, and various gadgets
✔︎ Social Event in Villa Caterina
✔︎ Tour of Cefalu


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