example of a course programm

 week 1 Aspra
Sunday   Arrival/ Preliminary Test
Monday 09:00 Group formation; meeting
10:00 Language lesson
Tuesday 09:00 Language lesson
20:30 Dinner in a typical trattoria in Bagheria
Wednesday 09:00 Language lesson
19:30 Guided tour in Cefalù with wine tasting
Thursday 09:00 Language lesson.
18:00 Cooking course with food and wine tasting of Sicilian choice dishes in a beautiful villa in Porticello
Friday 09:00 Language lesson

Guided tour of Palermo and its most important monuments

Saturday 08:00 BusTour to Mount Etna and Taormina
 week 2
Sunday   free
Monday 09:00 Language lesson
20:30 Together with your fellow participants watch the famous Italian movie "Cinema Paradiso" (Giuseppe Tornatore is from Bagheria!)
Tuesday 09:00 Language lesson
16:00 Tour of Bagheria's famous baroque villas - the summer retreat of Sicilian nobility (optional, meet in front of Villa Cattolica )
Wednesday 09:00 Language lesson
18:00 Tour of a nearby Sicilian ceramics artistic workshop, famous for its gorgeous colours and designs. Meet the artist.
Thuersday 09:00 Language lesson.


Tour of the Greek and Roman  ruins in Solunto.

Friday 09:00 Language lesson

Social-cultural tour of the old town of Palermo. This guided tour is part of an anti-mafia project of Padre Cosimo Scordato and his team. Visit their "centro sociale" and some re-educational workshops and the world-famous market of the "Albergheria", one of the most pictoresque quarters of historical Palermo, afterwards there is the possibility to eat at one of Palermo's typical trattorias.

Saturday   departure day


 week 1 Cefalù
Sunday   Day of arrival – check-in and level test.


Check of the level test and a short conversation with the teachers followed by the division of the groups.Presentation of the Solemar staff about the Italian classes and the program of the excursions. Start of the language lessons


A tour with Valerio to get to know the ins and outs of Cefalu.

Tuesday 09:00 Language lessons
20:00  Cineforum  
Wednesday 09:00 Language lessons


Tour to the historic markets of Palermo: Vucciria, Ballarò and Capo! Our teacher Francesca who is an expert on the history, culture and the Sicilian food will guide you to discover this intriguing part of Palermo.

Thursday 09:00 Language lessons
15:00 Coast to Coast in a boat with Fabrizio. Going snorkelling, having fun and getting a guaranteed sunburn!
Friday 09:00 Language lessons



the unknown side Sicily! The discovery of the Madonie Park with our triathlete champion Dario. You will visit Gratteri, Castelbuono where you’ll taste Manna and Fiasconaro Panettone, the Castle, Geraci Siculus, the castle inside of the Rock of Sperlinga and swimming in the beautiful waters of the spectral Gorges of Tiberio.

 week 2 Cefalù
Sunday   free
Monday 09:00 Language lesson
19:00 Barbecue at Villa Caterina
Tuesday 09:00 Language lesson
16:00 Tour to the ruins of Solunto
Wednesday 09:00 Language lesson
17:00 Cooking class; learn to cook Sicilian dishes with Maria
Thursday 09:00 Language lesson.


Palermo by night  

Friday 09:00 Language lessons
15:00 Guided tour to the Baroque Villas of Bagheria
Saturday 09:00 Excursion by boat to the Eolic Islands Lipari and Vulcano!