Sicily Holidays: Cooking Classes

Discover the real Sicily on your Italian holiday or vacation by learning about Italian food!

Everybody knows in Italy you eat a lot and eat very well. But in Sicily this is even more true!

Sicilian cuisine is unique because it combines many different traditions and uses a creative array of natural ingredients. Sicilians have indeed been fortunate not to get to know so-called 'junk food'. In  family homes in Sicily, dishes are prepared almost exclusively with ingredients harvested from less than a kilometer away. Vegetables and fruits are always in season. Fish is generally preferred to other types of meat. And clearly an important place is given in the cuisine to what is SWEET!

We organize weekly cooking classes at our Villa Caterina in Cefalu. At that wonderful location, our Chef Maria Carnevale will share with you many of the secrets of Sicilian cuisine. A bit of history and a few anecdotes will give you an understanding of Sicilian culinary tradition, and finally all dishes on the menu will be brought together. The price, in addition to preparation and dinner, also includes wine, which can never be left out from a real Sicilian table.

Once you have learned how to prepare real sicilian dishes, you may consider to use authentic local products from FoodSicily Market Shop to show to your friends and family what italian people eat!


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