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Italian Language Courses at Solemar Academy

Solemar Sicilia Cefalù looks back on more than 10 years of history and experience with a particularly loyal audience from all around the world. In 2014, the school moved to new building close to the train station, the old town and the beach of Cefalu.

The classrooms are spacious, the school shines with comfort and a familiar atmosphere. In addition to the 5 air-conditioned classrooms, there are various possibilities for students to stay indoor and outdoor, free Wifi reception, a small library with many books of Italian literature, DVDs and a corner for bookcrossing.

The entire school is now accessible for handicaped peolpe and has the appropriate permits from the health department.

A high quality school

The Director of Operations is Valerio Gruessner, who over the past four years has invested all his energy to raise the school to a level equal to the most prestigious in Italy. The school, in fact, has received accreditation from the Italian Regional Office of Studies.

The School has been also approved in July 2018 by the prestigious ASILS (Italian language Schools Association) and EDUITALIA. Teachers regularly attend refresher courses in language instruction, and all the teaching staff is in possession of an advanced degree and/or CEDILS certificates.

To mark this commitment towards quality instruction, in 2014 we decided to update the name of the school to: SOLEMAR ACADEMY.

Leisure time in Cefalù

While helping our students along in the process of learning the Italian language, we also attach great importance to the leisure and recreation side of things. There are, in fact, many excursions and activities organized by our team.

Every Monday, after groups are divided up and following the first day of class, Valerio conducts a tour of Cefalu which he likes to call a ‘semi-serious guide’. The cooking course, the boating excursions, ‘Unknown Sicily’, the snorkeling, and the hiking in Palermo – are all unforgettable events for our students, and are not to be missed.

When it comes to the town of Cefalu, it is not necessary to get lost in a sea of words (though this would be easy to do). It is simply ‘delicious’ and perfect for a vacation on which one wants to do some learning at the same time. The town is located between the sea and the impressive La Rocca (‘the Rock’), and it is also on the edge of the wide and sweeping Madonie Park. In Cefalu one can behold the essence of the traditions and history of Sicily.

The layout of the city is typical of settlements of Roman origin. Paved alleys and streets with archways lead one past the imposing Norman Cathedral. There one can enjoy the majesty and the extraordinary uniqueness of the architectural style promoted by King Roger II, characterized by its mixture of different artistic styles including elements both Arab and Byzantine.

Cefalu is not only nature and art, but also quality of life and fun. Cefalu is, in fact, a beautiful and lively seaside town full of charm that while sporting a well-developed tourist infrastructure, continues to maintain an atmosphere and personality typical of Sicilian villages. This is shown by the fact that it was chosen by Giuseppe Tornatore as the main location for his filming of the famous movie ‘Nuovo Cinema Paradiso‘.

Accommodation in Cefalù

Some of our students are lucky enough to stay at Villa Caterina. When it comes to accommodation, there are many choices. Villa Caterina offers both single / double rooms and separate apartments. The two main features of the villa which truly make it outstanding and unique are its large private garden and its wonderful views of the sea from on top of the hill. There is also plenty of space to relax, sunbathe, play games, and even enjoy a grand nighttime barbecue.

Other choices available to students include an apartment rental in the historic town center and even staying with local families – to immerse oneself in Sicilian culture to the greatest degree possible!

If you’re looking for history, culture, hospitality, entertainment, good food, and nature, then Cefalu is without a doubt the place for you. Take a look at our Italian courses and book your learning vacation!

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