Learn Italian in Mongerbino
a picturesque bay

Learn Italian in a fisherman village gaining an authentic travel experience

If you sign up to our Mongerbino Italian classes you can have your Italian lessons in your own villa, overlooking possibly the most spectacular panorama of the sea you have ever seen in your life. We also have a school in the heart of the village in the nearby fishervillage Santa Flavia in case this proves to be too much of a challenge to your skills of concentration or simply – if the weather is not so fine! In Mongerbino time seems to be determined by the rhythm of the sea.

The daily routine is dominated by simple things, as it is the case with the islands citizens: in the morning you can go to the local fish market, sit down in one of the many cafes and watch the hustle and bustle. 

Afterwards you may want to eat a delicious ice cream, which is prepared right in front of you or just enjoy the magnificent view of the Gulf of Palermo. At noon there is the possibility to enjoy the delicacies of the Sicilian cuisine, which Maria prepares daily fresh from organic products. Our wish is that you feel “a casa” here! It starts with how we differ from other language schools in Italy. Solemar Sicilia addresses all those who wish:

✔︎ Learn Italian and at the same time take a holiday by the sea
✔︎ No classrooms, but lessons on the terraces of the apartments
✔︎ A recreational program with unusual activities
✔︎ Living in a typical Sicilian ambience

The sea is certainly one of the main reasons why Mongerbino is chosen by our guests. If private access to the sea is not enough for you, you can also choose among numerous alternatives on gravel or rocky coves, which can be reached either on foot or by bike. Talk to us, we help you with your tour planning!

Spare time program in Mongerbino

In the afternoon, you can take part in the activities proposed to you. Important highlights are trekking on Monte Catalfano with the visit of the ancient city Solunto, the guidance over the markets Palermos, Palermo by night and the boat trip along the coast.

In the evening we suggest you to visit the numerous local trattorias, where you will not only find typical fresh fish dishes but also many dishes of vegetarian cuisine. Here the prices are still modest, let Thomas or Fabian advise you.

Another option: you can drive to nearby Palermo, where you can expect an almost endless supply of good restaurants or trattorias, sight seeing and culture first hand.

Certainly you should also visit the Baroque villas of Bagheria, such as Villa Cattolica, where many masterpieces by renaissance painter Renato Guttuso, who is considered to be the most famous Italian painter of the 20th century, are exhibited. In the Villa Palagonia you can then follow in the footsteps of Wolfgang Goethe, who revolted about the local sculptures, which he describes in his Journey to Italy.

If you are looking for a quiet and at the same time charming southern Italian place, where you will never be presented with a menu in English or German, where you can “touch” the contrasts of the Italian Mezzogiorno, then Mongerbino is surely the place for you.

Accommodation while Italian Courses

A whole villa or a cozy apartment? Directly on the sea or in a fishing village?

Whatever you might imagine, our wide range of apartments offers something for every taste. Spend your individual language holiday in Sicily on the coast of Mongerbino or in a cozy accommodation in the fishing village of Santa Flavia. Have a look at the overview of our apartments near Palermo.

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