Holiday Lettings in Palermo

You’ve perfected Paris and grown bored of Barcelona? On the hunt for the next great European city break?

You need to see the next big thing in Italy – Palermo!

Palermo? But isn’t that dangerous?

Quite the contrary – Palermo is now considered the safest big city in Italy.

What makes this city truly unique is the wonderful mix of east and west, Arabic and European, ancient and modern.

We have apartments waiting for you right in the centre:

Casa Enrica

from 70 /night

Max. 2 guests  ☀  1 balcony  ☀  500m from the cathedral

Casa Scordia

from 70 /night

Max. 5 guests  ☀  1 balcony  ☀  Close to the harbor

Casa Markiz

from 70 /night

Max. 4 guests  ☀  1 balcony  ☀  In the "Libertà" quarter

Villa Mariù

from 70 /night

Max. 6 guests  ☀  Mondello  ☀  Villa close to the beach

Monacò Rooms

from 70 /night

3 rooms and 1 flat  ☀  Reasonably priced  ☀  Close to Piazza Castelnuovo

Il balcone sulla Magione

from 70 /night

Max. 4 guests  ☀  View of the Piazza Magione  ☀  Lovingly decorated

White Loft Mondello

from 70 /night

Max. 4 guests  ☀  Mondello  ☀  Beach 500m away

Casa Adele

from 70 /night

Max. 2 guests  ☀  View of the English Garden  ☀  Comfortable and cosy

Casa Caleca

from 70 /night

Max. 4 guests  ☀  2 balconies  ☀  In the "Libertà" quarter

Palazzo Vetrano

from 70 /night

Palermo Old Town  ☀  Anything but ordinary  ☀  Centrally located at the Mercato Ballarò  ☀ …

Palazzo Pirrotta

from 70 /night

Large palazzo with holiday lettings  ☀  Near main station  ☀  Two old town districts right…

Multi Suite

from 45 /night

Station and old town: 200m distance  ☀  30 modern holiday lettings  ☀  Fantastic roof terrace

Palazzo Massimo

from 50 /night

In the middle of the old town  ☀  Large palazzo with 3 apartments  ☀  View…

Palazzo Quaroni

from 45 /night

In the middle of the old town  ☀  Large and modern palazzo with 6 apartments…

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